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Seasonal Floral Displays

Annual flowers are one of the most dramatic marketing tools used today. Seasonal colors are eye-catching and the most impacting aspect of the landscape. Color reflects the personality and mood of your facility. Warm tones of yellow, gold or orange and red attract to those sections of the landscape where they are used. Blue and violet are contrasting cool colors that create a quieter, soothing and more tranquil mood. Providing a variety of annual flowers at different times throughout the year completely changes the atmosphere to compliment the changing seasons.

Here are a few examples of some portable color:


Spring tulips and other bulbous plants make a great choice for spring color.

Annual plantings can easily be combined with existing perennials. Here is ornamental kale and chrysanthemums fronting Black-Eyed Susan creating a harmonious fall planting. 

Growing Image Inc. also offers a complete comprehensive flower maintenance program including watering with our dedicated water trucks.

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