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Lawn Maintenance

The lawn is often the most significant element within the landscape and requires uninterrupted maintenance to ensure a well-groomed lawn in shades of green. Growing Image has a large offering of lawn services and specialty equipment. 

Lawn cutting is offered on a Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly basis. 

Slice seeding is a mechanical process that is used to over-seed existing lawns by planting the seed beyond the thatch and into the soil.

Core aeration is a common procedure that involves extracting cores of soil from the lawn. This helps control compaction and thatch and is sometimes used as a soil source for broadcast seeding.

Fertilizer and pest control treatments are an important key in lawn maintenance. Growing Image is equipped with large high production equipment to underwrite an affordable quality job.

Other services we offer are;

  • Leaf Removal
  • Field cutting/ Bush-hog
  • Soil test and analysis

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