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Landscape maintenance is where it all comes together.
You have the plants in place and the irrigation system to water it with, but without proper horticulture, maintenance and management, the landscape will lack the vigor, detail and the polished look you demand. 

Growing Image services large-scale residential, municipalities, developments, office parks, retail centers, hotels and resorts, streetscapes, parks, and estates. We know the importance of the first impression on customers and tenants.

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When watering younger and newly established trees, homeowners should follow the "5 plus 5" rule each week: give the tree 5 gallons of water plus 5 gallons for every diameter inch of tree trunk. For example, if a tree has a trunk diameter of 4 inches, provide 20 gallons of water slowly over the root zone.

For older, well-established trees Purcell recommends providing an additional inch of water every week or so to keep leaves turgid. To measure an inch of water, place an empty tuna or cat food can under a tree's canopy and turn on a sprinkler system. Turn off the sprinkler when the water is 1 inch deep in the can.