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This isn't your grandmother's brick patio! Pavers are the modern-day answer to the crumbling brick patio. Pavers are manufactured concrete bricks, which offer the customer a vast palette of remarkable textures and shapes, and an unparalleled selection of paver colors giving you incredible freedom and ease of design. Pavers are used not only for their aesthetics, but their strength, longevity and ability to withstand moisture and the forces of nature. Properly installed pavers will outlast poured concrete, impressed concrete and asphalt!

Growing Image can customize a paver project design that suits our customer's needs. With years of experience and a large variety of paver projects behind us, a customer can expect top-quality work from installers who enjoy the challenge of their profession. Be sure to check out our retaining wall web page and see how your paver project can be enhanced by incorporating segmental retaining wall blocks.

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