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Over the years, Growing Image has installed everything from a one-zone residential system to sports fields and state-of-the-art computer remote-controlled systems. In the irrigation industry, the design and installation process is often given less concern than the cost of the system, yet it is the most important aspect for a long-term successful irrigation system. As a Certified Irrigation Contractor with the IA, our national Irrigation Association, you can be assured we use only the best industry practices when designing and installing a custom irrigation system for you.

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Growing Image Inc. can design and install cost-saving modern devices such as these:

  • Rain sensor: Senses rain and will automatically stop your system from watering during a rainstorm.
  • Flow Sensor: Measures the flow of water in the pipe and will recognize a major leak and will shut down the system.
  • Remote Control: From inexpensive systems for the homeowner to long-range & dial-up systems for the commercial job; convenience and efficiency is achieved through the use of a remote the size of your garage door opener. 

The result? 

  • Lower water bills and sewage fees.

  • Less water waste reduces negative environmental impact.

  • Less run-off means less damage to asphalt and concrete.

  • Improve your image as an environmentally friendly water consumer.

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